October fashion exhibitions

This month’s fashion exhibitions explore taste in its various forms. Vulgarity is the subject of major exhibition in London’s Barbican gallery whilst glamour is the theme running through the works of photography duo Mert & Marcus. The exaggerated beauty of garments created by fashion designers Victor and Rolf can be viewed at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne …read more



While uniform design focuses on functionality, control, and tradition, fashion design promotes constant change, creativity, and subversion. Yet throughout history, fashion has drawn inspiration from uniforms of all kinds. This dialogue is the premises of Uniformity, an exhibition on display at the Museum at FIT unit the 19th November. Fashion scholar Rosie Findlay reviewed the exhibit for Address …read more


with Timo Rissanen

Dedicated to creative approaches to patternmaking, Timo Rissanen is a designer, thinker and maker who pioneers zero-waste fashion design. Through his role as Assistant Professor of Fashion Design and Sustainability at Parsons School of Design, Timo is interested in how fashion can be used to enrich our everyday lived experience. In this second interview for Fashion Unlearned Address contributor Emily McGuire speaks with Rissanen about zero waste design processes and why systems thinking is essential to creating a sustainable fashion industry …read more


September fashion books

A number of interesting books addressing hair and beauty will be published in the coming months. Journalist Sali Hughes follows her successful Pretty Honest book with Pretty Iconic that looks at beauty products that changed the world. Celebrated fashion hair stylist Sam McKnight has compiled a book of photographs that illustrate his handiwork to coincide an exhibitions opening in the Somerset House in October. Styling Masculinity takes an academic look on male grooming …read more


September fashion exhibitions

There is a strong sense of history, art and personal narratives running through the fashion exhibitions opening this month. Gabriel ‘Coco’ Chanel is the focus of The Woman Who Reads opening in Venice whilst the wardrobe of The Countess Greffulhe travels from Paris to New York. In a partnership with the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, Mode Museum celebrates the 100th anniversary of the death of painter Rik Wouters with an exhibition that brings together art and fashion …read more


A History of Fashion in 100 Objects

On display at Fashion Museum in Bath (UK) until January 2019, A History of Fashion in 100 Objects celebrates fashion from the 1600s to the present day. Address contributor Pat Francis visited the exhibition and eventually responded to it using 100 words …read more


Manus x Machina

On display until September 5th, The Metropolitan Museum of Art summer blockbuster exhibition Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology explores how fashion designers are reconciling the handmade and the machine-made in the creation of haute couture and avant-garde ready-to-wear. Fashion scholar and Address contributor Rosie Findlay used the occasion to visit the exhibition to shop for a wedding dress …read more

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August fashion books

If you are continuing your summer holidays well into August, you might want to pore over costume designer Tracy Tyne’s colourful autobiography told through clothing. Professor Scott Lowe’s Hair is a fantastic addition to Bloomsbury’s Object Lesson books series about the hidden lives of ordinary things. The collaboration between fashion and music is explored in author Katie Baron’s new book …read more

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August fashion exhibitions

Late Isabelle Blow’s wardrobe continues to travel around the globe, making its extravagant appearance in Sydney this month. Photographer Nina Manandhar will be mapping the hidden cultural history of London’s Soho at the Photographer’s Gallery in London. These are just for for the fashion exhibitions worth the visit this August …read more


with Orsola de Castro

In this first interview for ‘Fashion Unlearned’, Address contributor Emily McGuire speaks with Orsola de Castro about her views on the systemic problems within fashion. Since co-founding Fashion Revolution in 2013, Orsola and her team campaign globally for brand transparency as a way forward for sustainability. With wholehearted urgency, Orsola explains the flawed relationship between fashion and sustainability, and why we need to unlearn what we know about fashion in order to create a sustainable future …read more


July fashion books

In preparation for summer holidays, Address has put together a list of fashion books you might want to indulge in this July. What unifies all of these books is that they engage with areas such as photography, modelling, magazine-making and fashion business in a way that is light and entertaining, yet informative …read more


July fashion exhibitions

Fashion photographers Terence Donovan, Helmut Newton and Paul Outerbridge have their works on display in London, Amsterdam and New York whilst major exhibition of Cindy Sherman’s work is currently taking place in Los Angeles. Experimental Mode in Flux explores ideas around adaptability in fashion championed by emerging and established artists, designers, engineers and scientists, questioning issues of desirability, functionality and sustainability in clothing …read more