Editor & Publisher
Johannes Reponen

Johannes’ mission is to expand, enhance and experiment with fashion writing and criticism, which is why he founded Address – Journal for Fashion Criticism.  He is course leader of MA Fashion Media Practice and Criticism as well as MA Fashion Cultures courses based at the London College of Fashion where he is working with the next wave of fashion critics, influencers and thinkers. To further his understanding of fashion criticism, Johannes is researching the topic as part of his PhD, also based at the London College of Fashion. When he has extra time, he writes about fashion for a number of international fashion publications.

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Contributor – London
Grace Eagle

Grace researches identity using film and photography, for Address. Her interests advance an MA in Fashion and Textiles, 2006, at Nottingham Trent University, where she focused on identity, class and individuality in fashion. Grace uses photography, audio, film and interview techniques to document viewpoints of self-representation in our time, seeing clothing as part of the experience of every day life that she believes often goes unnoticed.

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Contributor – London
Jacob Rosengren

Originally from Sweden, Jacob is a fashion writer and critic based in London. He is interested in expanding ways to critique and write about fashion and clothing, particularly focusing on the luxury market.


Contributor – London
Emily McGuire

Emily is affiliated with the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Canberra in Australia as a sessional academic in undergraduate fashion theory subjects. She recently completed practice-led postgraduate work that explored the complex relationship between Tumblr blogging, fashion, and female identity.


Contributor – Berlin
Aïcha Abbadi

Aïcha studied Fashion Design as an undergraduate at the University of the Arts Berlin, where she explored the narrative and critical potential of fashion. This led her to pursue an MA in Design, which allowed her to reflect on her practice and its social implications. Aïcha’s focus expanded to include alternative design approaches and new expressions for textiles and fashion. Her motivation is to help to redefine the roles that the industry offers. Fascinated by the complexity of the fashion system, she hopes for a future where more people can engage with fashion and clothing without having to perpetuate the system’s ethical failures.


Editorial Advisor

Pat Francis

Pat has a background in theatre, puppetry, arts libraries, teaching and writing. Now working at University for the Creative Arts with fashion students her main interest lies in encouraging their creative and reflective writing. In 2009 intellect published her book Inspiring Writing in Art and Design: Taking a line for Write. Pat is instrumental in steering and challenging both the Address team and content direction as the Editorial Advisor.



Andrew Smith

First and foremost a print designer, Andrew occasionally turns his hand to web design, such as this site he’s built for Address. He has also created numerous logos and branding materials, along with posters for London soul nights. When he’s not obsessing over shades of green or typography, he can be found digging around in the archives at the BBC or delving for dusty gems in record shops.


Picture Editor

Ida Riveros

Ida Riveros studied photography at the University of the Arts in London. She currently works as picture researcher and photographer for Laurence King Publishing, and has also worked for the V&A and BFI image archives. In addition to portraiture, she is interested in landscape photography and the build environment, and has been documenting the Hackney Marshes as part of an ongoing personal project.



Ericka Basile – Artist and Scholar
Daniëlle Bruggeman – Scholar and Writer
Nicola Carignani – Photographer
Laura Chan – Writer
Leah Clements – Artist and Writer
Annie Collinge – Photographer
Nathaniel Dafydd Beard – Scholar
Yara El-Sherbini – Artist
Rosie Findlay – Writer
Johanne Fronth-Nygren – Writer and Filmmaker
Bea de Giacomo – Photographer
Jo Graham – Illustrator
Hanna Grech – Art Director and Graphic Designer
Michael Harding – Dramatist
Riitta Ikonen – Artist
Mia Kirby – Photographer
Tomas Klassnik – Architect
Wessie Ling – Artist and Scholar
Flavia Loscialpo – Scholar
Rachel Matthews – Scholar
Dora Mentzel – Writer and Filmmaker
Ashley Palmer – Writer
Ellen Sampson – Artist, Shoe designer and Curator
Natsko Seki – Illustrator
Anneke Smelik – Professor
James E Smith – Photographer and Artist
Chloe Spiby Loh – Illustrator
Ida Taavitsainen – Photographer
Ezgi Toprak – Scholar
Aurélie Van de Peer – Scholar
Grace Wood – Writer
Megan Wray Schertler – Editor