A History of Fashion in 100 Objects

On display at Fashion Museum in Bath (UK) until January 2019, A History of Fashion in 100 Objects celebrates fashion from the 1600s to the present day. Address contributor Pat Francis visited the exhibition and eventually responded to it using 100 words …read more

‘Worn Stories’ book

‘Book of the month’ is a new monthly column, where Address contributors recommend and rate new titles that tickle our fancy. Whether fictional or factual, scholarly or not, we share our selection of books that cover the culture of fashion. In this first review, writer Pat Francis discusses her response to Worn Stories, a collection of clothing and memories brought together by Emily Spivack. …read more


My mother had a button tin– an old sweet tin that was once given as a Christmas present. It had been full of butterscotch – my Grandma’s favourite – and that taste just explodes in my mouth… On the tin were some indentations. I had not really looked at them too closely before, but now, as an adult, looking, feeling, I realised that it was a footprint. A small, rounded, solid dent from a child’s shoe …read more