My mother had a button tin– an old sweet tin that was once given as a Christmas present. It had been full of butterscotch – my Grandma’s favourite – and that taste just explodes in my mouth… On the tin were some indentations. I had not really looked at them too closely before, but now, as an adult, looking, feeling, I realised that it was a footprint. A small, rounded, solid dent from a child’s shoe …read more

Successive Lines – January

This year long photography series is the size of a tall, slowly unraveling column, much like an exquisite corpse or a totem pole. Piled on top of each other, each monthly-published image continues the body from the visual lines of the other, taking a good long look at the seasonality of fashion and nature. …read more

I Am Not Nice

At least, not as nice as I thought… When I began researching fashion at street level back in 2005, interviewing for the FashionMap at Nottingham Trent University, in collaboration with the Future Laboratory, I became immediately aware of my assumptions of other people before I approached them to interview about their clothes. It shocked me as I’d mostly considered myself a good person, equal, but there I was, in Nottingham city centre with sweeping statements flying out of my mouth about people …read more

Celine S/S 2013 – Look 30

Fashion is produced and consumed in vast quantities. Take luxury level fashion brands for instance – they are all committed to making not just the seasonal s/s and a/w collection but also mid season resort and fall collections. Only fractions of the designed collections are seen on the catwalks, which in most cases are reserved for the edited statements. Then there are of course the diffusion lines, childrenswear lines, sportswear or denim lines as well as bags, shoes and jewellery lines along with …read more

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