This 128-page issue is based around three themes: ‘shoes’, ‘voice’ and ‘care’.

The ‘shoe’ section looks at the wearing of, and attitudes towards, shoes. This includes interviews with shoemaker Anthony Andrews who crafts custom made orthopedic shoes at his London workshop and South-Korean designer Hoon Chung, champion of new 3D shoe printing. Rants, fiction, historical facts and nostalgia have also been explored as ways to approach shoes.

Our continuing commitment to discussing, understanding and unraveling fashion criticism is the focus of the ‘voice’ section. In here you’ll find an article about the evolution of journalist-critics’ writings as well as interviews with the Los Angeles Times fashion critic Booth Moore and online activist Steve Oklyn, the pseudonym behind NOT VOGUE. Voices of clothing and magazines have also been listened to.

The ‘care’ section examines attitudes towards clothing, whether it is about the people who literally and laterally care for clothing or the bigger ideas that affect our relationship with fashion. With this, we asked how and why we care for clothing in a society where fashion increasingly equates with disposability. Interviews with exhibition maker Judith Clark and New York based Hallak Couture Dry Cleaners are just a few of the features in this section.

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