Manufacturing Journeys: Me, Gran & The Smedleys

With the intention of researching British clothing manufacture since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (yes I know, that small topic!), I decided to go to Derbyshire in England, for a few days. Numerous conversations with my Gran and two booked train tickets later (one for me and one for Gran), I was fascinated, excited and already overwhelmed. We went straight to the birth place of the two first water powered cotton …read more

I Have A Few Experiences Of Wearing A Wedding Dress

Before my relationships with wedding dresses began, I hadn’t given much attention to them as a garment. I was working as a trend researcher, at the time (2007) when a close friend was getting married and I agreed to go to the National Wedding Show at Earls Court, London, taking my questioning mind with me. Intrigued by dresses people spent thousands on, I put the supportive friend act to good use …read more